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What is Manhood Massage?

Singapore is famous for being the go-to place for a manhood massage. Many people automatically assume that a manhood massage is just a means for a man to get an erotic massage and climax at the end of it. This is a very narrow view to take of the manhood massage, which is mainly medicinal in nature and can be healing and helpful in maintaining good health in the male body.

Some consider a manhood massage to be an integral part of regular maintenance of the male sex organ. It promotes excellent blood circulation to the area and removes toxins that can accumulate. The manhood massage promotes good performance as well.

A manhood treatment is more intensive than a massage and can include a more concentrated attention to all parts of the body, not only the genitals. For example, a manhood treatment might include massage to the lower abdomen, thighs, feet, knees and the lower back. If a client is having a Specific problem, he may opt for a whole treatment instead of an isolated massage. It just depends on the seriousness of the problem.

While an orgasm is not the primary goal for a manhood massage, it can often be a pleasant side effect. The real goal is to massage the Lingam, the perineum and the prostate, all externally, allowing the man to abandon to the massage. It is used as a tool to stimulate intense pleasure and relaxation through the man’s lingam. It is also particularly helpful for men who have damaging self image or destructive feelings about their sexual abilities, or for men who have undergone traumatic experiences in the past. It is designed to allow a man to experience a type of pleasure he has not sensed prior to the massage.

For men who want to connect with their body and with their partner, sexually, the manhood massage is an excellent and useful tool. Any previous negativity connected with their manhood might be relieved through this technique. Some benefits that the man might enjoy are as follows:

– Healing of impotence and of erectile dysfunction

– Complete relaxation of the entire body, mind, and spirit

– Awakening and arousal of the sexual organ

– Brings about physical and emotional growth

There are many techniques used to perform in a manhood massage, including stroking, rubbing, pressing, pulling, and other forms of manipulating of the body. Routine lingam massage can also work wonders in relieving the daily stress that men are prone to from their day at work.

Manhood massages performed within a relationship can bring a terrific intimacy into the life of the couple. The following is a demonstration of a manhood massage, but it need not follow these guidelines:

– Lightly massage the man’s organ to a partial hardness.

– Grasp around the bast of the organ with your thumb and forefinger, trapping the blood within the organ. Be sure to grasp firmly all the way around the organ.

– With the thumb and forefinger, squeeze around the organ and then slide it up the organ toward the head.

– Continue performing this act so that the the blood will pool within the organ making it larger and larger. While one hand works its way toward the head, use the other to perform the same function, in intervals.

The manhood massage should be performed for a minimum of a half hour, but the optimum time is much longer than that. This is different for every man and for every unique massage. You will get a good sense of how long to perform once you have undertaken the task. Once you have begun a manhood massage, do not try to rush it as this will make the man feel strangely about having and enjoying the massage. More damage can be done through a rushed manhood massage than by not performing one at all. This type of massage should only be given by patient, careful hands.


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