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Types of Massage in Singapore

If you travel to Singapore, there are 5 different types of massages that you can enjoy in a parlor-type setting. These include:

Swedish massage- This is a classic Western massage that bases its technique on the human anatomy and physiology, which are the same basic principles as Western medicine. It is an extremely relaxing massage and used long strokes, kneading and tapping. Swedish massage once employed chopping, and indeed, chopping has a purpose in that it can loosen tight muscle,s yet somewhere along the way, the common argument developed that the chopping technique is counter-productive to relaxation. This is unfortunate, since the loosening of tight muscle does in fact cause the body to relax. It is difficult now to find a masseuse who will chop the muscles.

Modern Swedish massage consists of very deep, slow, long strokes that direct their attention to the length and shape of the muscle.

Swedish massage should be performed on a nude participant incorporating oils. Many massage therapists use aromatherapy to further relax their clients.

Thai massage- The Thai massage is very popular in Singapore. There are a great deal of Thai massage parlors in Singapore, and you must do a little bit of research to find a reputable one. A Thai massage is always performed with the clothing on. If a parlor offering a Thai massage asks you to remove your clothing, you will either receive a non-traditional Thai massage or be taken advantage of.

Thai massage is considered by many to be one of the greatest forms of medicine for the body. It can be painful on the first attempt, as the masseuse will push, pull and otherwise manipulate the muscles and body into sometimes awkward or difficult positions. For the unskilled at receiving a Thai massage, there is often a great worry that the masseuse does not know what he is doing. Relax. If you have done your homework and entered a reputable salon, you will be fine.

Yoni massage– When we speak about Yoni massage, “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word which literally means a “Sacred Space or a Temple”, but when it comes to Tantra, the word “Yoni Massage” stands for “Vaginal Massage”, which is mainly designed to give a woman a spiritual glory with her feminine core as well as to enhance the intimacy of the women to her partner.

Since Chinese massage is such a broad category, the methods will depend on the individual therapist’s study and specialized technique. A very common technique is the ‘one-finger’ application to address specific acupressure points of the body. This can often strengthen internal organs, heal injury or quicken Qi energy to flow in the correct direction again.

Chinese massage does not ordinarily employ oils or essential oils.

Javanese massage- Javanese massage is currently enjoying a tremendous revival in Singapore. Originating in Java, Indonesia, this style is closely related to the Balinese massage. It uses a stroking and pushing technique, using the basic principles of the energy flow as does the Chinese style of massage.

Javanese massage concentrates itself with mainly the lower body extremes and can be very painful. This is, in fact, the most painful of all massages but it can do a very effective job of healing and eliminating pain in the legs.

Ayurvedic massage- The traditional Indian massage is a very large branch of study that includes Ayurveda among other systems of medicine. Ayurvedic massage incorporates medicinal value of poultices into the therapy. Poultices are applied directly to the skin for healing and well being.

Modern Ayurvedis massage employs essential medicinal oils instead of poultices and often obtain very good results, although traditional Ayurvedic therapists do not concede that the oils are as powerful as the poultices can be.

Whatever style of massage that you decide to enjoy while in Singapore, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands while visiting Singapore, as it is one of the massage capitals in the world.

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