Wellness, fitness, and good health are crucial in our life. When we neglect one of this, we would feel lethargic and this would influence our lifestyles behaviors and attitudes. People who has a good wellness, proven to be optimistic, and always looking to enhance their quality of life, personal growth, and relationships with others.

The pursuit of health, happiness, and healthy life styles depends on living a balanced life. To fulfil this, we need to heed closely to our body, spirit and mind. These three elements are imperative to achieve a balanced life.

A person with physical wellness or health is free from getting illness, tend to have a happy life and confident about themselves. A person with physical health is regarded to have a higher chance of living longer and managed to cope with their stressful and hectic lifestyle.

As fitness professional, we have to encourage people and nurturing them in early stages to develop fitness spirit to improve their level of health and wellness. With F.A.T, (Fitness and Training) online sports goods, we have offered work out equipments and sportswear for them to wear – who are passionate about sports and physical wellness.

F.A.T. Fitness Equipments
F.A.T has extended range of products on online platforms and top brands such as Lonsdale, Dunlop, Slazenger, USA Pro, Sondico and No Fear. The prices may be vary due to different versatile and designs, but it is affordable and low prices for everyone.

Fitness equipment that available in F.A.T website – hockey stick, yoga attire, tennis ball, MMA gloves, boxing gloves, soccer equipments, training bra, yoga pants, yoga leggings, squash and tennis balls, many more.

For soccer fans, the brand of SONDICO is well known for world number one goalkeeper gloves, you can find all your apparel needs in this particularly brand.

The gloves come with variety of vibrate and vivid colors. It comes with the latest designs, which will not leave soccer fans disappointed.

For tennis fan, Slazenger and The Championships, Wimbledon – is well known for tennis balls are now accessible at F.A.T.

You can find the water bottles of Slazenger brand, tennis rackets and tennis balls easily here.

Yoga leggings are also obtainable at F.A.T. – providing the most comfortable, soft and functional and suitable for any Yoga activities.

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