The Benefits Of Natural Propolis Honey in Singapore

propolis-honeyHoney is considered to be the elixir of life. Since the ancient ages, it has been used to cure many diseases. It has so great nutritional values that it acts like a self preservative. There are different types of honey available in the market, but getting your hands on the best one is quite tough. These days real honey is quite rare. One of the best-known honey varieties is propolis honey. There are many research papers that suggest that this type of honey has great capabilities of curing common illnesses.

Benefits of propolis honey

The honey bee propolis is an organic compound that contains more than 300 active ingredients. These ingredients are very helpful to maintain proper physiological functions of a human. There are few components that have shown promising results to fight cancer also. The benefits of this honey are as follows.

Antimicrobial action

Honey containing propolis is capable of fighting bacterial infection in the throat, respiratory tract and ear. It also prevents infection in the middle ear. Even wound healing response becomes very fast when this honey is applied topically. Other than antibacterial action, it has anti fungal properties too.


Simple burns are properly healed with the application of this honey. The skin quickly gets back its shape and the scars are removed completely in due time.

Genital infections

Propolis honey is very effective in the case of genital warts and herpes infection. The flavonoids in this natural honey wear off the viral effect when applied with proper medications.

Nutritional value

Other than the medicinal benefits, this honey has huge nutritional value. It is far better than normal honey available in the bottles.

Original propolis honey is available in the online health supplement shops in Singapore. Order your propolis now and keep ailments away from your family.

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