Regular massages during the postnatal or prenatal stages are important to all new mothers. Feeling stressed, and high- anxiety would aggravate tensions further. It is vital for all new mothers to address these discomforts as soon as possible to keep the baby healthy.

Definitely, mothers need some precious time for themselves and much deserved a break to concentrate on their own needs. Massage is the only way for them to reconnect with themselves after a strenuous and overwhelming delivery.

Massage therapy does not only to promote relaxation, it loosens tight muscles, refresh the mind and body and also to ease a feeling of prosperity. When the new mother feels good about themselves, it will definitely facilitate the task of being a mother efficiently.

The goal of prenatal massage therapy is to develop a healthy well being and to ensure the delivery of a baby less hassle.

Prenatal massage is to help on easing mother’s posture, and at the same time loosen the strain, numbness and ligaments.

Prenatal massage is needed and important as it will affect the well-being of baby. Feeling depressed and stressed would hinder the development of the baby.

Depression would give a detrimental effect to the baby being born prematurely, so it is important for all mothers to be educated on the prenatal and postnatal massages.

The benefits of prenatal massage as following:

  • During pregnancy, the prenatal massage helps reduced pregnancy symptoms, swelling in pain as well as decreased depression rate and anxiety.
  • It will reduce pain significantly during labor.
  • Shorter labor time by at least three hours
  • It also will shorter hospital stay after delivery.
  • Lower Rate of Postnatal Depression
  • Lower Incidence of Low birth weight
  • Less birth complications

After childbirth, a mother’s body is encountered with new challenges. For example, the mother has to cope with the soreness and pain from delivery. Hence, postnatal massage is designed specifically for mothers who have just delivered a baby, it concentrates on alleviating the strain and soreness.

There are several benefits that the mothers can reap from Postnatal Massage:

  • Medical Reasons: concentrates on the soft tissues and vital organs, it helps to recover efficiently and faster.
  • Health and Vitality: relieve the weak tight and atrophied muscles. Reduce depression and anxiety: Massage therapy can help a woman build up their emotion and coping with the changes – from pregnant woman to new mother.
  • Pain Management: to alleviate the injured, fragile and overwhelming muscles and cramping.
  • Slimming: re shape to original body shape.

The post natal Jamu Massage technique

The relaxing and soothing massage uses traditional Malay massage techniques, which focuses on soreness and fatigue muscles following pregnancy and delivery. It definitely requires a good skill with an adequate training to deliver the massage efficiently and orderly.

The use of heat therapy helps to increase blood circulation by using fresh herbal leaves. This therapy is significant during the postnatal care period. It consists of variety of treatments such as Mandi Mandian (Herbal Bath), Bertungke/ Bertuam (Hot Compress) Ganggang/Ratus (Feminine Vaginal Spa)

The use of Jamu is the most crucial part of this treatment. The use of natural or herbal remedies are applied accordingly, dried leaves and roots called ubat periuk are used for consumption, Tapel for abdomen and Pilis for forehead.

The Slimming wraps are used to wrap tightly around the abdomen and pantang or restrictions is the final step in postnatal treatments. The new mothers are prohibited from drinking cold/icy drinks during the confinement period.

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