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Get your home based facial device in Singapore

Using skincare and beauty care products or regularly visiting the dermatologist has been a norm for virtually every woman in Singapore. However, do you know there are facial devices out there that helps stimulate your skin cell reproduction and revitalisation?For instance, with the advent of technology, we can now remove our body hair from our very home using just devices. Home based facial has been a new trend in Singapore now. As one of the busiest and hectic city in Asia, people nowadays are less likely to hang out during weekends. Instead, many of them enjoy staying at home during their rest days to recharge themselves. Thus, it is not odd to see body and facial devices available everywhere. Here are some of the devices which you can definitely look into:

Consider hair removal device in Singapore

Would you like to have a pain-free method of taking out unwanted hairs in your body? Then you must try the device which carbonises the hair via transmission, enabling for excess hair to be completely taken off your skin. By picking the right hair removal device or product, you can ensure the re-growth of your excess hair to be thinner.

There are devices which can remove unwanted hair in different parts of the body, such as the armpits, chest, back, legs, hair line, lips and bikini line. Hence, you can always read through the user manual to ensure you fully optimise the product.

Cleanse and rejuvenate your skin with a home facial in Singapore

Check out the HotICe Facial Massage which equally brings about hot and cold treatments within a few seconds. The heat receptors of a facial device improve the blood circulation and cell renewal. This means you can say goodbye to stagnant cells, and get them replaced with healthier ones. A heat-receptor operated device should also regenerate elastin and collagen for further rejuvenation.

After having your skin heat treated, you may then switch to the cold treatment. This phase should shrink your pores and retain the moisture on your skin. If you’re looking for a home based facial in Singapore, this device that combines two different should be on your to-buy list!

Have the complete skin solution in a revival kit

To further enhance your home based facial, another product which you may consider would be the Lumi Ion Light. This device facilitates Photofacial Light Therapy Technology. It deeply goes through the skin, so the production of collagen would further be stimulated. With this, you can say goodbye to acne as this tool kills acne-causing bacteria too!

The Lumi Ion Light’s combination of positive and negative ions ensures skin healthy nourishment. With regular use and constant patterns of movement, the face will eventually have its natural lift. With regular usage, it is effective enough to let your skin glow healthily.

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