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Introduction to Sensual Massage

A sensual massage for a couple is designed to build intimacy between you and your partner, stimulating the person being massaged in a sexual manner so that they will want to engage in closer intimacy with the person giving the massage.

The sensual massage really has a very wide scope that it covers, and can include a number of types of massage under the main heading of sensual massage.

For example, it can include tantric methods which build sexual energy in intervals and then allow the energy to decline for brief or long periods of time, again building the energy and again allowing it to decline. By using tantric methods of massage a couple can enjoy the intimacy of sexual nature between them for unusual lengths of time.

Sensual massage can also be a prelude leading up to the act of sex, by taking the form of an ice-breaker or by incorporating foreplay into the massage. Many couples find that this type of massage can put them in the mood for intimacy when otherwise they may not be likely to engage in sex.

The sensual massage has the flexibility to mean something different to each couple using it as a tool. It need not take on one definition for all. One of the most liberating things about the sensual massage is that the masseuse does not have to be well skilled at technique and can use the movements that feel right or feel good to them at the time. They can adjust their technique as they go, based on the feedback that they get from their partner, by clues of words, actions, or other prompting.

The sensual massage does not have to end in sex. By its very nature it can take on a life of its own and allow the couple to explore each other’s bodies and discover the likes and dislikes of their partner. Sensual massage is a wonderful way to learn about one another’s body.

Do not confuse the sensual massage with a sexual massage which is designed to include genital stimulation and end with orgasm. The sensual massage is an entity in itself, complete with or without the inclusion of sex afterward. Sexual arousal is normal during the sensual massage, certainly, and is acceptable and desired, but it is far more than just getting to the state of being sexually aroused, the sensual massage is more about the trip itself rather than the destination.

The use of a sensual massage routinely in a couple’s relationship can insure that intimacy is nurtured and kept from becoming a tedious or dull task. After a period of time in a relationship, a couple can often experience a lack of excitement that was once enjoyed during the earlier phases of their time together. The sensual massage can ground the couple again, making time to reassure each other that there is a desire to touch them and pleasure them. In this, it is a bonding experience for the couple, bringing them back to the center of their relationship so that their focus can stay on their intimacy.

A sensual massage can be professionally performed by a masseuse, however a certain amount of caution must be employed as there is such a fine line between sensual and sexual and in subscribing to a less than reputable parlor, the client can sometimes find that he is in a less than ideal situation if the masseuse happens to cross a boundary. It can further be difficult to tell if the therapist has crossed a boundary unless the boundaries are clearly understood beforehand. A client having their first sensual massage in a professional setting should discuss everything that can be expected and anything that is not acceptable.

A sensual massage can also be used to relax and unwind after a stressful day, as noted above, it need not end with climax, but can be a perfect inclusion to any day without the intention of it turning into something more.

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