Cleanliness is Next to Better Health

There is no doubt that being clean is one way of living a healthy lifestyle. It has been a lesson taught to us since grade school: cleanliness is an essential part of our lives, a relevant ethic that everyone should do. We have all been lectured about personal hygiene when we were children: we were taught that we should keep ourselves clean at all times. We have been taught how to use the potty and wash our hands afterwards. We were also taught to clean our hands before eating. We are taught to brush out teeth after eating. And then we have to bathe – a shower in the morning, a warm bath before going to bed. Add to that the various cleansing rituals that people do to keep themselves free from dirt and oil and grime.

It is not only our bodies which we keep clean. We also want our surroundings to be clean at all times. Mothers often scold their children for not cleaning their bedroom – changing the sheets, putting the dirty clothes into the laundry basket, picking up litter and so on. We want our homes to remain free from dust, bacteria and bad odors at all times. And we even make sure to clean outdoors.

Nevertheless, cleanliness should not just be on the outside. We should also keep the cleanliness of our body’s insides. The things we take in may actually make us unclean inside. We should be careful with the food that we eat – for some of them are undoubtedly unhealthy for us, and may cause us health problems in the future. We need to be clean, not just on the outside, but also on the inside, in order to become healthy. That is why we should start eating only clean and healthy food.

Clean and healthy food means food which is full of nutrients and has no harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, a lot of people use pesticides and insecticides in growing crops which people then eat. These chemicals from insecticides and pesticides can be harmful when taken it, so you should be careful about the crops that you and your family eat. If you seek food which is clean and healthy for you, you should try eating organic food. Organic food is all natural, as it contains less to no harmful chemicals at all. This means you get to eat food which is natural and clean and healthy for you.

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Staying clean is an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. It is important that we keep ourselves clean not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Cleanliness is important for people to become healthier.

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